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medtigo Medical Licensing Services

Medical Licensing

Take the worry out of completing State license applications.

Ramsey Langenback

Director, Business Development


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Ramsey Langenback

Director, Business Development


Getting You Credentialed is Our Mission

Our experienced team will assist you with your state medical license or payor enrollment applications. We manage the application process for you from start to finish. We have extensive knowledge of how the State boards and insurance payers operate. Our team completes the initial application, obtains source documents, and follows up until it is completed. Don't jeopardize your position on a credentialing delay!


Quick & Seamless Process

Our turnaround times and efficient workflows will leave you with a smile and the confidence to know you made the right decision

Professional & Experienced Customer Service

With over 40 years of combined experience working with healthcare providers, our staff uses sophisticated tracking and fulfillment technology to provide you with the highest level of customer service

Available For All 50 States

Our staff has the experience necessary to work with any State licensing board.

Market & Pricing

The service price is $599 for a physician State license, $399 for an APP State license, $248 for a nurse State license. Our staff will handle the entire application process and provide you with the highest value of services.

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A Truly Comprehensive Service

Real Time Application Tracking

When you have all your applications in one place it is easier to keep track of the progress. With the medtigo app it allows you to view what stage your application is in on demand.

Progress Notes, Outstanding Tasks, and More

Our team will keep you up to date every step of the way. View progress notes, outstanding tasks, and application status all conveniently in one place.

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We treat all relationships with our providers like a partnership


Primary Care

“My company has utilized medtigo licensing for all providers in our practice. They are especially dependable, professional, and reliable at every step in the licensing process. They have made an arduous and time-consuming process quite manageable for us. They keep us informed at each step and operate in a transparent method, which is truly significant for busy practitioners.”

"I am really grateful for the service that was available to me through the agency. With my busy schedule, I attempted to do this process myself and was unsuccessful. The process itself is very time-consuming, and being in a busy position, I found myself giving up and losing time and money. The team was able to keep me up to date on where the process was, and they even reached out to other licensing agencies to have verification done. I would highly recommend the service to anyone."


Internal Medicine

“medtigo has a great, supportive administrative staff that help with all aspects of licensing and credentialing. The team is really professional and knows how to help you succeed in this new role."


Critical Care

"medtigo has been a pleasure to work with. We have utilized the company for licensing in multiple states, and they are consistently easy to work with, timely, friendly, knowledgeable and accurate. Their services have taken the burden of licensing off of our practice, and we are extremely grateful!"


Say Goodbye to Worrying About your Medical License Application

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Frequently Asked Questions

The service price is $599 for a physician license and $399 for an APP license. The application fee for a nursing license is $249.

Other fees you will be responsible for may include but are not limited to: State medical board application fee, criminal background check, fingerprinting, notarization of documents, and primary verification fees.

Yes, we sure can. Contact us for specific pricing, but typically because the renewal process is not as involved, the fees will be substantially discounted.

In addition to your State license, we can help you get your DEA certificate, any State-controlled substance registrations, and other State-specific documents that may be applicable.

While each state has its own requirements, these are the typical documents required to get started on an application:
  • CV (in month/year format with an explanation of any gaps)
  • Medical School Diploma
  • Post-Graduate Training Certificate(s)
  • Board Certification Certificate or eligibility status
  • ECFMG Certificate (if applicable)
  • Malpractice insurance face sheets
  • Passport or government-issued ID
  • Any current or former State medical licenses

  • You will connect with our licensing team via email and a phone call to provide them with specific details about which license and the timeframe you are looking to obtain the license.
  • Our team will then send you an itemized invoice and the list of credentials needed to complete the process for you.
  • Once you have submitted your credentials, our team will complete the process for you, sending you the completed application for signatures.
  • We will then apply on your behalf to the State board. We will be the ones to keep in touch with the State board until your license is approved.
  • We will stay in constant communication with you throughout the process to keep you informed of your application status.